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Rediffmail is a web based e-mail service provided by The service has around 95 million registered usernames. It offers unlimited free storage space. In 2006, Rediff launched an AJAX-based mail interface. Rediffmail also allows users to send and receive mails in many Indian languages on Microsoft Windows. Rediffmail is also available on mobiles through the free mobile application. In October 2010, launched a paid mobile email service named "Rediffmail NG" with support for all mobile phone platforms including Symbian, Java and Android. In addition, it offers synchronisation across users' phone and PC. It offers unlimited storage the POP3, IMAP mail protocols.

Services Provider

email migration is performed to consolidate multiple accounts into one, for example following an employee's departure.

Backup & Security

Email migration is performed to back up or preserve data, for example, to ensure legal compliance.

Low Cost

email migration is performed for evaluation purposes, for example during a migration pilot.


Email migration is performed to facilitate an upgrade, for example when deploying a new version of an email system.